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OEM Square Weld Nut

  • Carbon Steel

  • Hexagon Head

  • Common Bolt


Product Description

DIN928 Square Weld Nut

To perfect our service, we make our products with good quality at the reasonable price .
Square nut is a kind of welded nuts, welding this method I believe we all know, is to use high temperature to melt some kind of metal welded in the middle of the two products to play a fastening role, this connection of the fastening effect will be very good, will not be easy to loosen. Can also be used with the bolt. Four square nuts are mainly used in Electric power engineering, road traffic, home building materials and other industries. The common specifications of four square nuts are m4-m20, the size specifications can be made according to the specific needs of customers, our equipment is in production every day!

OEM Square Weld Nut OEM Square Weld Nut OEM Square Weld Nut OEM Square Weld Nut OEM Square Weld Nut
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