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Where are machine screws and self-tapping screws used?

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Machine screws are also called machine screws, machine screws, and machine screws. They are screws that are assembled in a threaded hole. They are a part with an internal thread hole. The connection between a part with an internal thread hole and a part with a through hole does not require a nut. , this connection is a detachable connection; machine screws can also be used in conjunction with nuts for fastening the connection between two parts with through holes. When installing machine screws, you need to drill and tap holes first, and use a relatively small torque to assemble.

Self-tapping screws are self-tapping screws, also called quick-thread screws. When using them, drill holes first, but there is no need to tap, because the threads are self-tapping and can be screwed directly into the workpiece. A larger torque is required. assembly.

From the appearance, the diameter of the machine screw is uniform from beginning to end. The tail of the self-tapping screw is pointed and becomes thinner toward the end. The head of the machine screw is flat, and the front and bottom of the teeth are the same. The angle is 60°, and the specifications are marked M. The threads of self-tapping screws are wider, the tooth angle is generally less than 60°, and the specifications are marked ST.

In addition to the differences in appearance and assembly, the use occasions of machine screws and self-tapping screws are also different. Machine screws are more commonly used inside machinery and equipment or in hard materials, such as connecting various components in the field of machinery manufacturing, connecting engine cylinder heads in automobile production, manufacturing and assembly of various furniture, and steel structures in construction. Medium; self-tapping screws are mostly used on non-metal or soft metal materials such as wood, steel plates, and aluminum, such as fixing various parts of furniture, fixing mechanical parts, motors, gears, bearings, etc.

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