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How are wing nuts made?

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Wing nuts are a relatively common type of nut. They are named according to their appearance. They have a unique appearance and are easy to install. They are used in many mechanical equipment and structures, such as medical equipment, wind energy and power fields, aerospace. Wing nuts are commonly used in various fields, office equipment, petrochemical industry, electronic communications industry, shipbuilding industry, etc.

So, what is the manufacturing process of wing nuts that are so widely used? Wing nut manufacturing mainly includes three links: raw material selection, processing technology (cutting, thread processing, surface treatment), and quality inspection.

Raw material selection: Wing nuts are mostly made of stainless steel, carbon steel and brass. When selecting the material, it should be determined based on the product purpose and operating conditions, and ensure that the material complies with relevant standards and specifications.

Processing technology: cutting, butterfly nuts are usually completed by cold heading, automatic lathes, thread rolling, etc. When cutting, attention should be paid to the selection and grinding of tools to ensure its accuracy and efficiency; thread processing is to turn the nut with The threaded screws are uniformly adjusted to the corresponding length, and then a thread rolling machine is used to roll up the threads on both sides to make screws; surface treatment, the surface treatment of butterfly nuts is mostly hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating, blackening, polishing, etc., the surface On the one hand, treatment can improve the appearance of the product, and can also increase the anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance of the nut.

Quality inspection: The manufacturing process of butterfly nuts requires quality inspection of raw materials, cutting processing, thread processing, surface treatment, etc. to ensure that the nuts comply with relevant standards and specifications. Testing methods include outer diameter, thread size, thread accuracy, etc. Surface treatment thickness, flatness, etc.

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