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Hexagon Nuts with Flange Style And Its Use

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Hexagon nuts with flange style and its use

微信截图_20240701114830Hexagon nuts with flange refers to a nut with a very wide flange at one end, which is usually used as an integrated washer. Its function is to distribute the pressure of the nut on the fixed part, or reduce the chance of damage to this part, so that it is not easy to loosen because of the uneven fastening surface. Hexagon nuts with flange is the nut that usually appears in hexagonal geometry, and it is also composed of hardened steel and zinc coating.

It can be seen that the flange is serrated to provide any form of locking action. Pay attention to the serrated hexagon nuts with flange, so it must be said that the serrations are particularly angular, and they keep the nut away from the direction of rotation. These serrations cannot be used with washers, nor can they be used on any such surface without being scratched. The serrations are responsible for helping to prevent the vibration of the nut from moving the fastener. This is responsible for maintaining the actual retention of any type of nut.

Hexagon nuts with flange is equipped with a rotating flange, which is responsible for providing more stability to the structure without affecting the finishing of the product at all, which is similar to the serrated hexagon nuts with flange. Rotating hexagon nuts with flange is the most commonly used application for joining materials, such as wood and plastics.

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