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About Us

NINGBO MIANXUAN FASTENERS CO., LTD. NINGBO MIANXUAN FASTENERS CO., LTD. is a professional fasteners manufacturer and exporter. It’s main products include various kinds of Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Thread Rods, U-bolts that conform to the DIN, ISO, ANSI, ASME, BSW, JIS standards. We also customize non-standard items according to the customer’s requirements and specifications. Our quality control system has passed the ISO/TS 16949:2009. We are equipped with a full range of advanced fastener testing equipments and also have several experienced engineers and quality controllers, which can ensure that the product quality is effectively controlled in the whole production process. Effective inspection report with corresponding material certificate will be provided for each...

Catalogue and Products

Bolts & Screws

Guardrail Bolt

Guardrail Bolt

Carriage Bolt

Carriage Bolt (DIN603), Carriage Bolt (DIN603),

Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolt

Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolt Bolt

Hexagon Flange Bolt

Hexagon Flange Bolt (DIN6921)

Drywall Screw

Drywall Screw 1

Chipboard Screw

Self-Tapping Screw

Modified Truss Head Philips Self Tapping Screws

Self-Drilling Screw

Self Drilling (DIN7981), Self-drilling screws,

Machine Screw

Machine Screw Countersunk Head (DIN965), Machine Screw (DIN7985), Machine Screw (DIN965),

Hexagon Bolt

Hexagon Bolt (DIN933,DIN558), Hexagon Bolts(DIN931,DIN601), Hex cap screw (A10 UNF), Hexagon Bolts(DIN931,DIN601),

Thumb Screw

Thumb Screw

Wood Screw

Wood Screw

Hexagon Structural Bolt

Heavy Hexagon Structural Bolt (A325), Heavy Hexagon Structural Bolts (ASTM A325 SET), Heavy Hexagon Structural Bolt,

Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket Head Cap Screw (DIN912)

Eyebolt, Eye Screw

Eye Screw

Wing Bolt

Wing Bolt

Square Bolt

Square square Bolt (BS7419 with nut), Square-Bolt,

Set Screw

Set Screw


U Bolt

Hex Bolt(High Strength)

Trailer Parts & Accessories

Jocky Wheel

Jocky Wheel BO13205001, Jocky Wheel BO13205002, Jocky Wheel BO13205003, Jocky Wheel BO13205004, Jocky Wheel BO13205005, Jocky Wheel BO13205006, Jocky Wheel BO13205007, Jocky Wheel BO13205008, Jocky Wheel BO13205009, Jocky Wheel BO13205010,

Ratchet Tie Down

Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202001, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202002, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202003, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202004, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202005, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202006, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202007, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202008, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202009, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202010, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202010, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202011, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202012, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202013, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202014, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202015, Rachet Tie Down Strap BO13202016,

Trailer Ball

Hitch Ball

Trailer Coupler

Trailer Coupler BO13204071, Trailer Coupler BO13204072, Trailer Coupler BO13204073, Trailer Coupler BO13204074, Trailer Coupler BO13204075,


boat winch

Marine/Boat Winch BO13201001, Marine/Boat Winch BO13201002, Marine/Boat Winch BO13201003, Marine/Boat Winch BO13201004, Marine/Boat Winch BO13201005,

electric winch

ATV Electrical Winch BO13201008, ATV Electrical Winch BO13201009, ATV Electrical Winch BO13201010, ATV Electrical Winch BO13201011, ATV Electrical Winch BO13201012, ATV Electrical Winch BO13201013, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201201, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201202, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201203, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201204, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201205, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201206, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201207, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201208, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201209, 4WD Electrical Winch BO13201210,

hand winch

Hand Winch BO13201046, Hand Winch BO13201047, Hand Winch BO13201028, Hand Winch BO13201037,


Hexagon Nut

Hexagon Nut (ISO4032), Hexagon Nut (DIN934),

Heavy Hex Nut

Hex Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Nut,

Hex Flange Nut

Hex Flange Nut (DIN6923)

Lock Nut

Nylon Insert Hexagon nut(DIN985 side A), Nylon Insert Hexagon nut(DIN985 side B), Nylon Insert Hexagon, Nylon Insert Hexagon,

Wing Nut

Wing Nut (DIN315)

Hexagon Thin Nut

Blind Rivet Nut

Blind Rivet Nut

Square Nut

Square Nut, Square Nut, Square Nut, Square Nut,

Acorn Nut

Acorn Nut (DIN1587)

Special Guard Rail Nut

Special Guard rail Nut

Spring Nut

Spring Nut

Cap Nut

Cap Nut, Cap Nut,

Active Nut

Active Nut, Active Nut,

Slotted And Castle Nut

Slotted and castle Nut, Slotted and castle Nut, Slotted and castle Nut,

Hub Nut

Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut, Hub Nut,

Ball Nut

Ball Nut, Ball Nut, Ball Nut, Ball Nut, Ball Nut,

Others Nut

Others Nut, Others Nut, Others Nut,

Flange Nut

Flange Nut, Flange Nut,


Flat Washer

Flat Washer (DIN125A), Flat Washer (DIN9021),

Spring Washer

Spring Washer (DIN127)

Lock Washer

Heavy Washer

Square Washer

Square Washer (F436)

Round Washer

Round Washer (DIN440V)

Thick Washer

Bowl Washer

Bowl Washer side a, Bowl Washer side b,

Special Washer

special washer-2, special washer-1, special washer-1 side b, special washer-2 side b,

Thread Rods

Thread rods (DIN975, DIN976), Thread Rods,

Rivets, Hooks, Anchors, Pins

Blind Rivet

Blind Rivet




Drop in Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Sleeve Anchor, Sleeve Anchor with Hook, Sleeve Anchor,


DIN1475, DIN6885A, Dowel Pin, Knurled Pin, Pin DIN1474, Pin DIN7979, Pin ISO8733, Pin ISO8743, Pin ISO8750, PINS 2, Pins(total), Pins, Pins ISO8743, Pin VSM12785, QC,T623 Spring Pin 3, Split Pin (DIN1481), Spring Pin DIN94, Spring Pins DIN11024, unshouldered cup hook, unshouldered suare hook,

Non-Standard Items

Special-Shaped Bolt

special bolt 1, special bolt 3, special bolt 2, special screw 1, special screw 2, special screws 3,

Special Nut

Special Washer

Special Washer 1 side a, special washer 2 side a, special part 3, special part 4, special part 5, special part,

Special Screw

Special Douobt end Screw

Other Stamping Parts

stamping part 1, Stamping Part 10, stamping part 5, stamping part 6, stamping part 7, stamping part 8, Stamping Part 9, stamping parts 2, stamping parts 3, stamping parts 4, stamping parts, Hose clamps,

Auto Parts

Auto Parts-3, Auto Parts-4, Auto Parts-5, Auto Parts-6, Auto Parts-7, Auto Parts-8, Bolts-Spring plate after(1), Cylinder head bolt(High Strength), Hexagon plum flange bolt, Hexagon thick nuts, Nut-2, Nut-3, Nut, Stud-front wheel, U Bolts-Spring plate after(1), washer, Auto Parts-1, Auto Parts-2, Oil Filter, C.V Joint, Diesel filter, air filter, Control Arm, Spark Plug, Spark Plug, SHOCK ABSORBER, Spark Plug, Spark Plug, Spark Plug, Spark Plug, Spark Plug,